Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Neesha's Dress

Neesha dances for the McNamara school near Liverpool UK. After a disaster with the original embroidery we decided to go with a soft skirt option for the dress. She's tiny so it suits her well and is lightweight.

It's a 3 piece dress the bodice zipping up the back from the waist, The skirt also zipping all the way up from hem to waist to make it easy to get dressed and the petticoat is attached to a vest bodice so when the dress is taken off it preserves modesty.

The bodice is navy blue silk velvet lined with white polycotton and embroidered in white. Skirt is white satin with a high sheen and embroidered in navy blue. All finished with crystals.

Close up of bodice and the headband, which is covered in the embroidered tulle and scattered crystals.

The petticoat is made from white tulle embroidered with silver flowers and edged with silver lame.

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Rhiannon's 2006 Dress

Rhiannon's 2006 Dress
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