Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sarah's Dress

Sarah is a senior dancer from London. This is her 2nd costume from me....the other is the purple one for sale at the bottom of the right hand column. This was my first attempt at a 4 panelled dress.

We decided to 'upgrade her' hmmm I sound like Beyonce Knowles don't I? Yes, I am a hip n happening mum, and I know all the words, hahaha!

skirt under construction ^
bodice v

She had a design in mind, but we decided together that it wasn't going to work and she liked the design on one of Rhi's old costumes, so we took inspiration from that.

It's also a 2 piece, so Sarah can keep cool between rounds.

These were all the work in progress, am waiting for some finished pics from Sarah, as the one's I took were all at the wrong angle her legs were too white hahaha, she'll kill me for that!
The main red fabric is satin 'falling rain' from http://www.whitelodgefabric.com/falling_rain1.htm and an orange sequinned overlay http://www.whitelodgefabric.com/chiffon_sprayclover_sequin.htm with silver, and white appliqué. The back is finished off with a small loose shawl in the orange chiffon. Sarah's delighted with her new dress and wore it out at 2 feis last w/e..... yes 2 one in London the other in Birmingham. As soon as she gets the finished pics to me I'll post them.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jaisie's Dress

Jaisie is my friend's little girl. She's 4 in May. Her big sister, Jasmine, dances and has a couple of old dresses still at home....however, Jaisie, being Jaisie decided she didn't want a second hand dress, she wanted one of her own lol.

So we decided to make her one. Nothing fancy, her mum said, just something she can call her own. Well as Jaisie is at most local feis and will be at the Worlds, I thought what a great walking advertisment, so put more in than they were expecting.

She rang me tonight on the way to dance class to tell me she was very excited......... well she was dumbfounded, as was her mum and sister, when they actually saw the dress.

Fitted her perfectly, even without any fittings. Here are a couple of her in the dress at dance class....love the socks don't you?

Oh yes, she loves butterflies, but had no idea that's what was going on the dress....so the butterfly hair accessories were a complete coincidence. Poor love can sleep tonight now. She's been waiting for this dress since last year and each time we saw her she looked at us in anticipation and then disappointment when we didn't have it with us.

We made the butterfly cape to emulate the bought butterflies on the dress. This has been an absolute joy to make, and I think Margaret and myself have loved it because we were making it for Jaisie and she's such a cutie. This is one of those dresses that will be put on AFTER she's competed, if and when she does.....there's a ruling in NW UK that Novice dancers can't wear dresses, lol that's going to confuse everyone isn't it?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ashleigh's dress

Second attempt at a 'Theatre Curtain' dress. Made this for Ashleigh who's a young dancer in Rhi's school. She's 10 and wanted a pretty dress.

Think I may have just filled that request. It debuted today at a St Patrick's Dispaly at school and will be seen again on Friday and Saturday.

The base fabric is a lovely white chiffon over net embellished with mother of pearl sequin circles. You may recognise the pink I've used on the upper bodice, insert and sleeve as the same pink I used in Tori's dress. See an earlier post.

The lining is pink and white gingham as are one of the sets of frill. The other set and shawl are a very pale pink voile curtaining with silver hologram circles. We decided to add some celticness to this dress as well as keeping it 'trés moderne' Please excuse my attempts at French, it's been over 34yrs lol. The finishing touches were some tiny little voile flowers with a circle of crystal in the middle of them. Hope this dress brings you lots of luck Ashleigh, and I'm sure you'll turn people's heads in it. If you would like to leave a comment about the dress feel free. Constructive criticism always welcome.

Rhiannon's 2006 Dress

Rhiannon's 2006 Dress
In Derry

back of her dress