Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sarah's Dress

Sarah is a senior dancer from London. This is her 2nd costume from me....the other is the purple one for sale at the bottom of the right hand column. This was my first attempt at a 4 panelled dress.

We decided to 'upgrade her' hmmm I sound like Beyonce Knowles don't I? Yes, I am a hip n happening mum, and I know all the words, hahaha!

skirt under construction ^
bodice v

She had a design in mind, but we decided together that it wasn't going to work and she liked the design on one of Rhi's old costumes, so we took inspiration from that.

It's also a 2 piece, so Sarah can keep cool between rounds.

These were all the work in progress, am waiting for some finished pics from Sarah, as the one's I took were all at the wrong angle her legs were too white hahaha, she'll kill me for that!
The main red fabric is satin 'falling rain' from http://www.whitelodgefabric.com/falling_rain1.htm and an orange sequinned overlay http://www.whitelodgefabric.com/chiffon_sprayclover_sequin.htm with silver, and white appliqué. The back is finished off with a small loose shawl in the orange chiffon. Sarah's delighted with her new dress and wore it out at 2 feis last w/e..... yes 2 one in London the other in Birmingham. As soon as she gets the finished pics to me I'll post them.

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Rhiannon's 2006 Dress

Rhiannon's 2006 Dress
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