Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back to Class

Well we got back to class on Saturday, Thursday being to wild to do anything other than jar the door on my car so it now creaks :o(

After 1.5 hours in the car my poor knees were killing me (think they creak more than the door) and I made a rather 'undignified' exit from the car when we got there. Although I'm not sure who was hurting more, me or Rhi after her 2 dance classes :oP

Aren't breaks a more ways than one? How many dancers actually do anything when they're 'on a break' and I don't mean the Rachel and Ross type of 'on a break'.

We got to Derby and I had a much needed cup of tea (whereas after one dance Rhi needed a glass of water) then found out I'd won the 'bonus ball' :oD
Yay, good start to the year, paid for my fuel and dance classes with some left over. So Derby done n dusted, off to Nottingham for the 2nd class of the day. Another ungainly exit from the car ensued....stopped short of palms on the ground tho'. We had 3 birthdays...and 2 cakes...good job I haven't started my healthy eating plan yet, I'd have hated to pass up on that, especially as one of the cakes was from Costco and I knew it would be sooo delicious. I was so tired we decided to forgo 5 o'clock club and head off home..... not like me, I must've been REALLY tired. Stopped at McDonalds half way home for a coffee... oh yes I fed Rhi too. She was ravenous after all the 'work' she'd put in :oS Then when I got home had to go to McDonalds again, no not for Rhi, she wasn't that hungry, for Niall, who was! He was fishing...see his pic.....and wanted a large 6 chicken nugget meal and 2 cheeseburgers......he's a growing lad :oP So back home I put my feet up and watched TV for the rest of the night. So first class back went well, I think, and I'll get myself on the eating plan and refuse any more birthday cake, should it be available in the future ;o)

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Rhiannon's 2006 Dress
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